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Layoffs Happen

By israelisassi 0 Comment February 15, 2020

Layoffs happen to you and to people you know. In this article, I’ll provide some perspectives that have helped me deal with it. It’s my hope that this will help you prepare for a layoff and helps you succeed should you find yourself in that situation. To start with, I highly recommend listening to the […]

Rhythm. If you don’t have it, you should get it back.

By israelisassi 0 Comment September 28, 2017

Rhythm is an interesting thing.  When I was training in Krav Maga, I could learn the techniques but struggled to combine them into fluid transitions.  Self-defense that isn’t fluid is basically useless.  During one of the classes, the chief instructor had us all slow down to the point where we were almost motionless. He mentioned […]

Fear is a self-imposed prison

By israelisassi 0 Comment August 5, 2016

One of the people at the beach today with me was a 16-year old. She was having a great time collecting seashells but expressed a lot of fear about the possibility of running into Portuguese Man-of-War which were very abundant today. We had a brief conversation about the difference between fear and respect. Respect their […]