Client – “Israel Isassi and his company, RWT are some of the main reasons my business has been able to operate in this high tech world. He has designed and maintains my web site and keeps my computer system up to date and running with very little down time. I really could not imagine my business operating without him. – Wayne Sandlin, Photography by Design

Former Co-Worker – “Israel was a pleasure to work with. He does more than just his minimum duty; he works hard to do the best job possible. Israel does not step on others to complete projects, he engages them and motivates them to perform.” – Thomas King, Network Engineer / Sr. Network Architect  /IT Coordinator

Former Employer – “Israel has a laser like focus on customer satisfaction and a sharp analytical mind. He was a mentorable employee who took on every task assigned with a positive attitude and a git’er done view of the goal.” – George Mallard, P.E., MBA / Co-owner KMS Systems, Inc.